Separate Abdominal Muscle for Women During Pregnancy

Abdominal muscles in pregnant women may experience separation in the middle. This condition is called diastasis recti abdominis. If this happens, it can cause pain in the lower back and can interfere with daily routine activities. Abdominal muscles have an important function for the back because it can act like a corset. With good abdominal muscle performance, your back will remain well protected and supported. This is the reason why the stomach muscles can be separated The separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy may be related to the development of the uterus. As a result of the separation of the two abdominal muscles earlier, the bulge can appear in the middle of the stomach right where the muscle is separated. This condition will likely be seen when the muscles experience tension, such as when coughing. Diastasis recti also usually appears more clearly right after giving birth. Some specific conditions that also increase the chance of diastasis recti, including:
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